GoFundMe Update – February 19, 2017

Our family would like to thank a few anonymous donors and Angels of Hope (angelsofhope.org), who covered all of the funeral service costs for the family. Bless you!

We are happy to report that we’ll only be using just over $2,000 from this fundraiser to cover the remaining costs from things such as the wake, and gifts for those at CS Mott and Hanson Hospice Center.

But, our fundraising efforts are not yet done. We still need your help getting the word to organizations and donors around the world who are touched by David’s story. If we can deposit $25,000 in to our scholarship fund in a few months, it will become an endowment fund and will no longer need continuous fundraising. That will allow David’s name to live on for generations, helping students with their goals and dreams in the Arts.

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